I am Human

I never looked twice at you;
you didn't seem to understand.
I can't care for a brat like you.
I'm the arrogant princely brand.

You strive for my attention
and tears well up in your eyes.
My tone in response is cold
and I can't feel the piece of me that dies.

I hate you and your cursÚd blood,
the power you hold within.
Already you are a Super Saiyajin.
What price was paid for this sin?!

I see hope in your eyes
behind the water and blue,
repeatedly squashed, then returns...
What's wrong with you?

And then Cell came...
I shudder at the thought.
I felt you breach the plane while down.
....Humiliation is all it bought.

He was gone in an instant
and unsurprisingly back again.
I watched the arrow that struck your heart
and saw it bring your life to an end.

The emotion that stirred behind my steel walls,
the primal rage I felt, the pain!
That monster would pay for his mistake!
It has brought him his bane...

My frenzy reached its peak
and I attacked the freak, full force.
He has taken away my new discovery...
and because of Cell's beam, I have found its course.

I have emotion.
That weak, ningen flaw.
I can't brush it away now..
Does this make me human by an unspoken law?

I see now that I love my son,
both if you will.
But if anyone probes and seeks his answer,
their tongue I shall kill.

Kakarrotto would be shocked, to say the least
but only to the heaven's above
will I ever say what I feel for my sons.
I feel ...... love.

....Don't look at me that way. Stupid human.