This is Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the site. It's here where you can find the answers to common questions about the site. Feel free to send in your questions here. This page will be updated if, and when, I receive new questions.
  1. How do I submit stories to the site?
    Stories can be submitted by e-mailing them to me at fanfictiongateway@hotmail.com
    Please include your name, story title, fandom the story is written about, the story's rating, and the story's genre.
  2. Can I link to your site?
    Feel free to link to my site, although I must ask that you notify me by e-mail that you are doing so.
    You can find my e-mail address in the "Contact" page. I will have a graphic of a banner up shortly
    that you can use when linking my site.
  3. Can I post the stories from your site onto my site?
    All stories posted on this site are the property of their respective owners. If you wish to post a story
    on your site, contact me, and I will notify the author of your request. If they agree, then of course you
    can, but if they refuse, the answer's no.
  4. Can I help out with the running of the site?
    At the moment, there are no positions available in regards to being a co-webmaster. However,
    if you have any fresh ideas to bring to the site, including if you'd like to write articles on
    writing fanfiction, e-mail me, and I'd be willing to discuss them.
  5. How often will the site be updated?
    It varies. I'm hoping to update weekly, and monthly when I can't update more often. You have to understand
    that it takes time to juggle working on this site and the rest of the activities that I participate in, as
    well as school, family and friends. However, the site will definately be updated on a fairly regular basis.

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