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A/N: Thanks to some extra hard work on my part and some easy finals I was able to upload a couple chapters and this prologue early. This is a waning to you all. This series will be dark and kind of OOC.


Tai stared at the crest in front of him. Courage, his crest. Through one last quest through the DigiWorld the original DigiDestined found their crests. Tucked away, deep inside a cavern where no light shined, their crests were laid upon stone pedestals and above them, carved in the rock surface were their symbols.

They stood in a circle, facing away from center. Eight hands reached for eight crests, but of those eight crests, gripped in eight hands, only three glowed. Three illuminated while five remained still and dark.


The three with the illuminated crests looked around. The others didn't seem to notice that they were bathed in darkness. They just stared at their crests, eyes dull. No one spoke, no one moved. Five dark DigiDestined didn't care or notice. Three, caught in the light of their crests didn't know what to do.

The light ended and the five awoke. The five looked at the three who stood together. They seemed unaware of what happened.

Well, that was just the prologue. Who do you think was bathed in darkness? The next part will be up soon, I hope. Summer is here and everything so I should have more time. :) Well, later dayz.