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Matt took a long drink from the bottle of beer in his hand. He swallowed the bitter liquid and sat back, leaning against the beige colored portable, to stare up at the concrete colored sky. It was overcast, and the smell of rain hung in the air as it threatened to fall. He didn't care. Let the rain fall! Maybe he'd get sick and die. Or maybe lightening would strike him dead. Whatever being that controlled life had already ruined his life, why not kill him off while they're at it. You hear that God or Buddha or whoever you are, he felt like shouting, just get it over with!

He raised his cigarette to his lips.

"Matt?" Matt groaned inwardly. How did anyone find him? "Hey Matt." Erin sat down beside him on the bench, tucking the edges of her red sun dress under herself. "I haven't seen you in a while. You said you'd call me."

Matt took another drink. "No, you told me to call you. I never said I would."

"Matt, what's wrong? Trevor said you've stopped hanging out with him and his junkie friends. That's probably a good thing, but you don't hang out with anyone else. So what's up?" She pushed some hair from her face behind her ear subconsciously as she waited for an answer. "Come on, Matt. I thought we really hit it off at the party." She set a hand on his leg. "I really like you. What's wrong?"

"Maybe that's the problem!" Matt yelled suddenly. She jumped back in surprise. "Maybe you shouldn't care! That's what usually seems to be my problem!"

"Matt, what's going on?" She asked softly, setting a hand on his shoulder.

He jerked away. "You want to know?" He yelled as he jumped to his feet. She gave a small, uncertain nod. "Erin, I don't want anything to do with you. I don't need another girl like you on my back!"

She stood up a little shakily. "A girl like me?"

"Another creepy fan girl! A slut."

"Wha-what did you call me?" She stammered. "Matt, you really can't mean that. Listen, I understand that we don't know each other that well, but I just want to know what's wrong. I want to help."

He threw the bottle at the portable and it shattered, sending beer sliding down the wall. Erin jumped back at the sound. He got up in her face and she could smell the booze on his breath. "I don't want to talk. Get out of here Erin."

"Matt-" He slapped her. She lightly touched her reddening cheek and her eyes filled with tears.

"Get out of here, Erin. Just go," he ordered as he turned away. He listened to her leave before he pulled another beer bottle from his messenger bag.

"Matt?" Matt ignored the voice calling his name and continued to stumble down the hall. He paused to steady himself and someone came up behind him. The person looped thier arm around his shoulders and helped him down the hall. "Shit, Matt. You're wasted."

"Who the hell?" He mumbled incoherently.

"It's Tai."

All he saw was blurred, and his head hurt like a bitch. To his surprise, Tai was actually helping him down the hall. "Where's Gennai?" He asked as he allowed Tai to take the bulk of his weight.

"At the hospital." The door to their room opened and he found himself headed for his bed. "You reek of alcohol and cigarettes."

"Shut up!" He lay down on his back and covered his eyes with his hands. The light from the ceiling fan above was blinding.

"I'm just warning you. You're totally shit faced." What a friend Tai was… "You're going to have one hell of a hang over. You better get some sleep before Gennai gets back. You're gonna have a lot of explaining to do."

"Yeah, whatever," he mumbled. The light shut off and the door closed. Tai's footsteps receded down the hall and Matt fell into a restless sleep.

"Gennai says he'll clear out the basement for us, but only one of us will sleep down there at a time. It's that or we go back to Japan." Matt followed the voice as he tottered down the stairs.

"We can go home?"

"It's an option that Gennai was very hesitant to give out. He doesn't think we're ready. Especially you, honestly. But we can't go. I can't leave Kari." Matt peeked into the living room. Sora sat on the love seat with her knees pulled to her chest. Tai sat hunched over beside her with his elbows resting on his knees and his head on one hand.

Matt stepped into the room. "You're leaving?"

Tai and Sora looked up at him. "How long have you been standing there?" Tai demanded.

"I just got here." He rubbed his head. "And I didn't hear half of what you've said because the pounding in my head is too loud."

Tai laughed. "You're hung over."

"Thank you, Captain Obvious!" Matt collapsed onto the couch, still rubbing his head. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything, because I need to sit down. The room won't stop spinning."

"How many beers did you have?"

"Four…five," he shrugged. "Eight."

"What the hell? You had eight fucking beers?!" Tai exploded. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Matt held his hands over his ears. "Shit! Stop shouting, you ass! It sounds like you're speaking through a megaphone directly into my ear! I've got a bad enough headache already. Don't make it fucking worse!"

He rolled his eyes. "Maybe you'll listen!" He stood up. "I'll be right back," he announced, sounding tired of the fight. He stopped beside the hung over teen and leaned down to whisper in his ear, "Don't say anything to Sora you might regret." He made sure to say it loud enough to rattle Matt's eardrums. He straightened then leaned down again. "And don't call me an ass." Then with an extremely painful, "friendly" pat on the back to Matt, he walked out of the room.

Matt looked up at Sora and could see her avoiding his eyes. "So you got back together with our "fearless" leader, eh?"

She still didn't look at him. "Yeah."

"Good for you."

Tai returned and held a blue mug in front of Matt's face. "Drink this."

Matt eyed him suspiciously before taking a drink as Tai returned to his seat beside Sora. He swallowed and made a face. "Coffee? Gross!"

Tai shrugged. "I heard it cures hangovers. But I've never gotten one so I also really wouldn't know."

"Okay, for your information I've never gotten drunk either, or "shit faced" as you so nicely put it. Who knew hangovers hurt so much?" He took another drink of the coffee. "It's just a myth that coffee cures hangovers. It'll just give you an awake drunk."

"And how would you know?" Tai asked.

"I have a recovering alcoholic father, stupid." He laid his head back and closed his throbbing eyes. "How long have I been incapacitated?"

"Ooo, big words now," Tai scoffed. Sora hit him. "A day and a half."

"No way!"

"Yeah, we tried to get you up, but you were zonked. I convinced Gennai you came home sick. The smell of beer and alcohol did it. If he asks, you had a science report to do and your partner was an alcoholic smoker."

"Thanks," Matt replied. "Where is everybody?"

"Tera went to the doctor's, Natalie took her, Elijah and Aaron went to a football game and Kari's at a friend's."


"Upstairs doing homework."


"At the hospital. He contacted your folks. They want TK to do chemo again."

"Oh." With that said, Matt suddenly needed a drink.

"Is that why you got drunk? Because TK's sick again?" Sora asked.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"It is," Sora replied. "You're acting like an idiot because TK's sick."

"What do you care? Mind your own damn business!" Matt barked.

"Hey, don't talk to her that way!" Tai warned.

"I'll talk to whoever I want, however I want!"

Tai jumped off the couch. "I suggest you shut your mouth before I shut it for you."

Matt set down the coffee and forced himself to stand up, despite the spinning room. "Boy, I think you need to step off." He pushed Tai, and Tai countered with a punch to his face. Matt staggered back, clutching his nose.

Sora jumped off the couch and stood between them. "Stop it! Now!" She forced Matt to sit down on the couch and pried his hands from his face. Crimson blood ran from his nose into his hands. "Tai, give me your handkerchief."


"Give me your handkerchief!" She yelled. He sighed resentfully and handed her a white cloth from his pocket. She held it to Matt's nose and he took it from her. "Are you two done acting like five year olds? Or do I need to separate you?"

"Tell him! He needs to get off my back!" Matt yelled, his voice muffled under the reddening handkerchief.

"Don't even get me started with you, Matt. You've been just as dense and pig-headed as Tai."

"Hey!" Tai yelled.

Sora turned back to him. "Tai, just shut up and sit down." Matt chuckled under the handkerchief. "Are you two ready to act like adults?" Both boys nodded. She sat down on the couch beside Tai.

"I think that's the most you've talked to me since the break up," Matt stated. He leaned his head back, trying to stop the blood flow through his nose.

"Why did you two break up?" Tai asked.

"I dunno," Sora shrugged. "You'd have to ask Matt."

"So why are you going back to Japan?" Matt asked before Tai could ask about the break up.

"We're not," Tai answered annoyed.

"Well, what's going on? Why's Gennai going to clear out the basement for you? I didn't even know this house had a basement."

"No reason."

"Bullshit. What's up?" He pulled the hanky from his nose and ran a hand under his nose. No more bleeding.

"It's nothing," Tai insisted.

"Matt, I'm pregnant," Sora blurted out.

Matt's jaw dropped. "You're what?"

Tai set a hand on her shoulder. "What are you doing?"

"I want Matt to trust me. I want to be friends again. So I'm being honest. He has a right to know. He's our teammate. And its not like this will be a secret for very long."

Matt held up his hands. "Wait, back up. You're what? You did say pregnant, right?" She nodded. "Sora, pregnant? I mean- this is a total shock and-" He looked at Tai. "It's yours?" Tai nodded, looking regretful and apologetic. "What the hell? You're just barely sixteen and she's ONLY fifteen! What were you thinking?"

"We weren't," Sora tried to reason. "We just…did it."

"When did you find out?"

"A few weeks ago. When we were at the hospital three days ago, when Tai and I left, I went to go get a second opinion. You know, just in case. They confirmed it."

"You can't raise a baby," Matt reasoned. "You're too young. Sora, how could you be so stupid?"

"I don't know." She bit her lip and her breathing became labored. Her ruby eyes became flooded with tears and two escaped from their pools. She wrapped her arms around Tai and buried her face into her shirt. "I can't do this, Tai. I'm scared," she cried into his shirt.

"It'll be okay," he said, attempting to reassure her. Too bad he didn't even sound like he believed it himself.

"I'm sorry, Sora," Matt whispered, just barely loud enough for them to hear him. Ten minutes passed in silence before Sora's sobbing subsided. "Are you going to keep it?"

Tai nodded, although he didn't look happy. "Yeah, we're going to keep it."

"Well, uh…" he tried to think of something reassuring to say, but helping people was not something he was good at. "You'll uh…be a great mom. I'm sure it will work out."

"Thanks Matt," she said with a weak smile.

"If you need anything, you know I'm here."

"Yeah, like you're reliable," Tai sneered.

Sora pulled way. "Tai, be nice." She looked at Matt again. "Thanks a lot. That means a lot coming from you."

Tai waked into his room to find Matt hunch over TK's dresser drawer. "Matt, what are you doing?"

"I was looking for TK's medication. It has to be here somewhere. I got it filled last Saturday." He dug through TK's boxers and undershirts. "It's not here and I've gone through half his stuff."

Tai picked up one of Matt's music books that sat in a pile by his bunk. "Hey Matt," he stated.

"Yeah?" He shut the drawer and turned to TK's backpack.

"Why'd you and Sora break up?" He sat down on his bed and watched as Matt froze and pulled his attention from TK's bag.

"Uh, why? That's just something of the past. You're with Sora, after all. You're not jealous of me, are you?" He replied uncomfortably, avoiding Tai's original question.

'Must be a touchy subject,' Tai thought. 'But how could that be? Matt's incapable of human emotions.' "No, I'm not jealous," Tai scoffed insulted. "I was just wondering. I mean you two are so distant with each other. Well, you're distant to everyone, but you used to be such good friends. The break up must have been really harsh."

"Well, maybe it's none of your business-"

"And she doesn't even know why you broke up," Tai continued. "Don't you think that's a little unfair?"

"You're not going to let this go, are you?" Matt asked with a glare. Tai shrugged as he flipped through Matt's music book. "I was an ass, that's why."

"Well duh!" Tai laughed. "I always knew you were an ass. Tell me something I don't know!"

With a shake of his head, Matt heaved a sigh of irritation. "We went out for two months, that was it. We didn't get as intimate as you two obviously. The entire time my agent and band members kept trying to get me to break up with her. They said that me having a girlfriend, especially one that was…pretty, was a major turn off for fans. At first I refused to listen. I loved Sora. Then I started to listen and I broke up with her."

"What made you listen to that bullshit? I thought you never cared what fans thought. Not that I'm complaining."

"I don't know. I don't remember," he admitted.

"Whatever happened with your band? Why'd you quit?"

"I didn't." He pushed himself off the floor and padded over to his own bag. He rummaged through it and pulled out a cigarette. Tai kept his face straight, but his brown eyes gave away his anger. Matt ignored his hounding eyes and walked over to the window where he lit up and leaned out to smoke.

"If you didn't quit, why'd you stop playing? You were good. Your concerts gave me a reason to stay out all night. Get out of my aunt's house."

"Living at your aunt's sounds like fun," Matt replied sarcastically. He blew out the smoke he had been holding in his lungs. "I didn't stop playing voluntarily. They kicked me out."

"You were kicked out of your own band?" Tai asked skeptically.



"Because they felt that I wasn't doing my part. It was after TK was diagnosed. I missed practices and my voice and playing were off from staying up all night at the hospital." He took a long drag. "But apparently they were planning on kicking me out for a while. It was an excuse.

"They were planning it? You're the lead!"

"Success went to their heads. They wanted fame; I was in their way. My agent advised them to get rid of me. And I was out."

"Was that about the time you lost your crest?"

"That's how I lost my crest." He grinded the cigarette into the windowsill and tossed it out the window. The ash left on the sill blew away with the wind before Matt shut the window. He turned around and slid down to sit under the window and held his head in his hands. "They were my best friends." Tai didn't reply. "Tai, I can't handle this again. It was too much the first time TK was sick, I don't want to do it again."

"You'll have to. For TK, at least."

"TK hates me. He doesn't care."

"He's mad at you. He still needs you, but he also needs a chance to cool down. You weren't there when he needed you and it wasn't just once, but twice. Just give him a little time," Tai shrugged.

"What makes you think that?"

"Younger siblings aren't that complex," he laughed. "Once you've lived with them long enough, you get the hang of them."

"That requires my brother to live long enough," Matt counted unhappily.

"Don't talk like that or he won't," Tai warned. He jumped off his bed and tossed Matt's music book back onto the pile by his bed. He started to walk out of the room, but tripped over the wastebasket, sending trash everywhere. With a sigh if embarrassment, he crouched down and began tossing the trash back into the basket. He looked up at the blonde sitting under the window. "Hey Matt catch." Matt opened his hands and caught the object Tai and thrown to him. He looked down at it. It was TK's medication.

Matt paused for a moment at the door to TK's room. Did he really want to go in there and face his younger brother? The bottle of medication rattled in his pocket. He pushed into the room and froze by the door. The room was filled with people. At least twelve boys and four girls he didn't recognize. Everyone stopped talking and looked up at him. A flash of annoyance passed over TK's face. "Uh, everyone, this is my older brother Matt. Matt these are my friends. Robbie, Jack, Jason, Kyle, Tom, Nick Teddy, Ryan, Vince, Miguel, Adam, Max, Liz, Halie, Nicci, and Jessica."

"Nice to meet you," Matt said with a wave. Some of them waved while the others went back to talking to TK.

It was an hour before any of TK's friends left. As the kids filled out two girls asked for Matt's autograph, giggling about how cute he was in person while he signed two pieces of lined note book paper.

Once they cleared out, Matt turned back to his brother in the bed. "Who were they?"

"The basketball team."

"And the girls?"

TK blushed. "Fan girls." Matt chuckled. "They're just friends from school.

"Cool," Matt smiled.

"So, why are you here Matt? You haven't come to see me in four days, since I got here, and all of a sudden you show. What gives?"

"Do you still hate me?"

TK looked away. "Maybe."

"Why didn't you listen to the doctors?"


"Why didn't you listen to the doctors?" Matt repeated. He pulled the medicine bottle from his pocket and tossed it to the younger blonde. "You couldn't take it? You didn't want to get better?"

"I was taking it," TK lied.

"Bullshit! Taichi found it in the trash can!"

"Since when did Tai become a trash picker?"

"Since when did you become so difficult?" Matt yelled. "TK, why are you so against taking this stuff? It's not that hard."

"Because I don't want to! I'm sick of this crap and if I die, well hell, then I'll die. It's not like I want to live."

"Yes you do! You can make it."

"Well maybe I don't want to."


"Get out Yamato, I'm tired."


"I said get out!"

"Love you too, bro." Matt turned and stomped out of the room. He couldn't help the tears burning in his eyes. God, he loved and hated TK. Why'd we both have to be born such hot heads?

'I cannot believe I got dragged to a school spirited function,' Matt thought sourly. He glanced around as he sat with his arms crossed in the school stadium. Football games were so boring. And his school was losing! Damn Flowing Wells and their team.

"You know what," he announced standing up. "I'm going to go walk around. I'm bored!" No one really paid him any heed, and just went back to talking to whomever they were talking to. He climbed down the seats, avoiding the steep and overcrowded steps and hopped over the railing. He waked toward the snack bar where they sold sodas, candy, and Rincon appeal. Rincon being the school.

"Hey Matt." He glanced in the direction of the voice and saw four girls, including Taylor, off to the side of the stadium. He walked over to them.

"Hey Brittany, Aubrey," he smiled to the two girls who were sitting on the wall. He looked at the flaming red haired female who stood beside him. "Hi Nina. What's up?" He had met Brittany and Aubrey in his journalism class, and Nina in his French classes. They were okay for actual people; they were one of the few people he could stand to be around. Plus, they had never heard of the Teenage Wolves, so they were oblivious to his fame.

"Nothing," she shrugged. "Just "watching the game."" Brittany and Aubrey giggled. "But you didn't say hi to Taylor."

"Hi Taylor," he said softly.

"You're not being followed by your usual procession of girls," Aubrey stated with a laugh, as she pushed her dark brown hair out of her face.

"Well, you're not there Aubrey, so you can't be talking," Brittany joked.

"Shut up Brittany!" Aubrey yelled as she elbowed Brittany in the side.

"You two are dorks!" Nina laughed. Taylor giggled.

Brittany pushed her glasses back up onto her nose before straightening her brown and gold streaked hair. "Why's Taylor hanging out with you guys?" Matt asked.

"She's our adopted freshmen," Nina answered. "Besides she wasn't hanging out with anyone, so we invited her over."

"Some guy was looking for you," Brittany announced.

"Oh yeah, who?"

"Some guy. He looked like a senior. And he was kinda cute," she laughed.

"Well, that narrows it down," Matt replied sarcastically. "Care to elaborate?"

"Uh, he was tall and kinda scary looking. He had a black cowboy hat on and he had a blonde go-tee," Nina described.

"Doesn't sound familiar," he shrugged.

"Him," Aubrey announced as she pointed passed the snack bar. Matt looked up at saw the cowboy hat clad man Brittany and Nina had described. "He doesn't look too happy, what did you do?"

"I don't even know who he is," Matt replied.

The guy stopped at the group, looming over all of them, even Aubrey and Brittany on the wall. He tipped his cowboy hat. "Evening, girls. Nice to see ya again." He winked at Taylor and she blushed furiously. He looked at Matt. "You Matt Ishida?"

"Yeah, that's me. What do you need?"

"I'm a friend of Trevor's. He asked me to come find you, he needs to speak to you," the cowboy said as he played with the stubble of hair on his chin.

"Trevor? Oh okay. Where is he?"

"Smoking in the parking lot. Where else?" Cowboy laughed.

"Okay, let's go." He smiled at Aubrey, Nina, Brittany, and Taylor. "Bye girls."

"Later Matt," Brittany waved.

"See you Monday," Aubrey added.

"Have a nice weekend," Nina called.

Matt followed the guy away from the football field. The cowboy's boots echoed in the silent corridor that lead past the school and into the parking lot. Finally, the corridor opened into the dark parking lot. Matt glanced around, at the far end, under a lone streetlight, was Trevor and Jeff, smoking. Matt stopped when he saw Cowboy stop. He turned around, stone colored eyes darting around, under the black cowboy hat.

"What?" Matt asked.

"Go ahead. I'll be right back."

"Uh, okay," Matt shrugged as he headed toward Trevor and Jeff. He stepped into the light of the streetlamp. "Hey Trevor, hey Jeff."

The two guys looked up at him. "Hey Matt. Nice to see you again," Trevor said in a low voice.

"So, what's up?" Matt asked.

Jeff began to walk back towards the school, but Matt kept his eyes on Trevor who took a long drag of his cigarette. "Matt, we've got a problem," Trevor finally said. Suddenly Matt felt a think arm wrap around his neck and another grab one of his arms and held it in a painful position behind his back. "Thanks Jeff." Trevor tossed his cigarette to the ground and ground it under his foot, slowly. Matt watched him, struggling to breathe. "Like I was saying, you and I have a problem. Well, it's more like you have a problem." He pulled a gun from the waistband of his pants and pointed it at Matt. "You see, when I said that you better not hurt my sister, I was dead serious. And you broke that rule, pretty boy. Who the hell do you think you are hitting Erin?"

"Trevor, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit her. I-I don't even remember hitting her," he replied frantically.

"You don't even remember hitting her," he chuckled evilly. He cocked the gun. "You're one screwed little bastard."

"Look who I found following me," a voice announced. Trevor looked up and Matt tried to twist around, but Jeff restricted him of any movement.

"Hey Lex. What do you think you're doing bring her here?" Trevor yelled.

The cowboy stepped into Matt's line of view holding Taylor. "What was I supposed to do? She followed me," Lex shrugged. "Besides, she's small and quiet. I think I'll have her tonight."

Jeff released Matt's arms, but tightened the other around his neck. He tossed a set of keys to Lex. Matt could see Taylor physically shaking in Lex's arms. "Just keep her quiet and don't mess my seats," Jeff ordered.

"NO!" Matt screamed as he struggled against Jeff's choking arm. "Leave Taylor alone!"

"Shut up!" Trevor socked him in the stomach, causing him to double over. Then he hit him in the mouth. "Quit worrying about that little retard and worry about your own life." Trevor jammed the gun into Matt's temple. "I thought we were friends, dude." Two more hits to the face. "Sorry I have to mess your pretty face, but you need to learn your place." Another to the stomach. "You brought it on yourself." A punch to the stomach sent him to his knees. The gun cocked. "Anything else to say?"

"Get your thug off Taylor." Matt readied himself for the bullet to enter his head. It never came. Instead the gun left his temple and Trevor's laughter roared up into the air. Matt lifted his head.

Trevor uncocked the gun and stuck it into the waistband of his pants. "What a knight in shining armor!" He howled in laughter. "Get your thug away from Taylor!" He continued to laugh as he saunter over to Jeff's car and pounded on the window. "Pull out Lex. Let her go."

A few minutes passed before Lex got out of the car, pulling his cowboy hat over his shaved head. "I wasn't even in yet," he complained.

Trevor nodded to Jeff. "Let wittle Matthew go."

Jeff released his grip around Matt's neck and arms. He forced himself up, wiping blood from his face. "Yamato."


"Yamato. That's my full name, not Matthew."

"Whatever, dude. I have the gun, so I could call you Santa Claus if I damn well pleased. Now go get your little girlfriend out of the car!"

Matt staggered over to Jeff's car and leaned in. Taylor had pushed herself back as far as she could against the opposite door. Her shirt lay on the floor beside the opening closest to Matt. She sobbed lightly. "Taylor," he whispered. "Come on. We have to get out of here." She shook her head, too scared to move. "Taylor, I won't hurt you." He picked up her shirt and slid into the car. "Taylor, here. Get dressed." He set the light blue shirt into her lap. She looked at it, pulling her hands from his face and her cheeks glistened with tears. She quickly pulled the shirt over her head. He took her hand and pulled her out of the car.

"Remember tonight, Ishida, before you ever hurt another girl. You and me, I'm sad to say, our friendship is over. Don't even come by where I hang out, because if you do, you'll find a bullet in your head before you could even blink," Trevor warned. He got into the car, followed by Jeff. Lex followed after them, his stone colored eyes never left Taylor as he climbed in the back. "Have a nice night!" The car skidded out of the parking lot and hauled ass down the street.

Matt looked down at Taylor and forced away a grimace of pain as she dug her nails into his hand from holding it too tight. She shook badly. "Taylor," he whispered as he scooped her off her feet. He walked over to one of the planters that stood by the school and sat down on it. "It's over." She sobbed into her hands and he hugged her tightly, rocking her lightly. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry you got dragged into that. It's over, you're okay." She buried her face into his shirt and her body racked with sobs. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" He whispered.

A small glow formed under his shirt, where a small blue pendant, charmed with friendship, had lain lifeless just moments before.

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