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A/N: This is a waning to you all. This series will be dark and kind of OOC (out of character). I felt kind of wrong for starting this series after watching the last episode today. Everyone was so happy. This is far from happy. Eventaully there will be happy and romance. Plus this is after 02. Let's pretend the whole 'everybody grew up and had kids' thing never happened. At least not yet. Also, the American kids will be main characters just like the DigiDestined. Don't like 'em, tough! Then stop reading. What I want to do is bring in at least two stories per chapter. One from the DigiDestined and one from an American kid. Maybe more.

By the way this part may get confusing. Here's a mini guide to help you.

"<...>" Japanese

"..." English

Eventually I will have everybody speaking one language.


Sounds of crying pulled Kari from a light, monster filled sleep. She opened tired eyes, praying she wasn't the one sobbing. She wasn't. Instead she saw Taylor tossing and turning on the other side of the room.

Kari sat up and saw Tera sitting beside Taylor trying to calm her. Tera looked rather tired and looked like she was ready to fall asleep as she whispered things in English to Taylor.

"<What's going on?>" Kari asked as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

Tera looked up and gave Kari a tired smile. "<Sorry if Taylor woke you up. She has nightmares.>"

"<Every night?>" Kari asked.

"<Yeah,>" Tera said as she looked back at Taylor. "<You should probably get back to sleep,>" Tera said once she had gotten Taylor to calm down. "<There's another day to live through tomorrow.>"

Kari laid back and stared at the bottom of Sora's bunk. "<You say it the way I feel.>"

"<As something you don't want to face?>" Kari nodded. "<I'm here to tell you a lot of people feel that way. Everyone in this house feels that way. Well, except Gennai. But that's why you're here, because you feel that way.>"

"<I don't understand,>" Kari said. She sat up and saw Tera half asleep.

"<You'll find out tomorrow. Gennai and my friend will explain it to you and your friends,>" Tera said in between yawns.

Kari laid back once more. "<Are you going to stay up all night?>"

"<Most likely.>" She stretched.

"<How do you live on so little sleep?>"

"<I've done worse. This happens every night. Sorry for the future times she wakes you up.>"

"<Why are you sorry?>"

Tera let out a tired chuckle. "<I just am. Sorry.>" With that Kari closed her eyes.

Matt sat up to the sound of footsteps. He rubbed his eyes and saw a tall boy wearing a red shirt and blue jeans standing over a dresser. It took him a minute to figure out where he was and who the boy was. He was in Gennai's house, the boy was Aaron.

Aaron picked up a silver watch and put it on as he went to his bed. He glanced up at Matt as he pulled on black Lugz. "Morning," he said in English as he laced up his shoes.

"Yeah," Matt replied.

"Breakfast is in ten minutes. You can join us if you'd like." He walked out of the room before Matt could reply.

Matt got up and stretched. He peeked over the side of TK's bunk and saw the younger boy pale and sweating from fever. "Damn," Matt mumbled. "I bet he didn't take his medication last night."

He shook his head before looking at Tai. The other boy was twisted up inside the sheets of his bed. He had been tossing and turning all night. He almost felt bad for snapping at Tai, his friend, last night when they were both falling asleep. But almost was the key word. Matt had his own stuff to deal with and didn't want to hear about Tai's crapped up life.

Matt quickly got dressed. He didn't bother going downstairs once he was done. Instead, he went to his brother's backpack and searched through it. He found two prescription bottles. Neither had been opened. He walked over to where his brother slept and punched him in the arm. "<Get up!>"

"<Wha->" His brother sat up rubbing his arm. "<What the hell was that for?>"

Matt threw the two bottles at TK. "<You forgot to take these last night! What's wrong with you?>"

"<You sound like dad,>" TK mumbled. "<What does it matter if I take these or not? I can't even pronounce the names! What make the doctors think it'll help me?>"

"<Give me a break, TK. It's not up to you. Take the damn drugs and get better,>" Matt yelled.

"<What's going on?>" Matt looked up at saw Tai sitting up trying to untwist himself from the sheets.

"<None of your business,>" TK replied. He gave another glare at Matt before he attempted to get down from the bed. His foot missed the ladder step and he tumbled to the wood floor. Matt helped him up, but once TK was on his feet he pulled away from Matt. "<Thanks,>" he grumbled.

"<Aaron said breakfast started,>" Matt glanced at the digital clock. "<Uh…fifteen minutes ago. We don't have to join them.>"

"<Alright,>" Tai replied as he climbed down from the top bunk. He quickly got dressed.

"<Can you two leave? I'd like to get dressed alone.>" TK stated.

"<What's with the sudden thing for privacy?>" Tai asked as he walked out of the room.

Matt pointed at TK. "<Medicine! Take it before you leave this room. I will check to see if you did or not!>" He walked out of the room.

TK pulled his clothes from his suitcase and pulled them on mechanically. He grabbed the two medication bottles from the top bunk where Matt and thrown them and opened them. He let one pill from each fall into his hand. Two large white pills; horse pills he had joked once. But no more jokes now, there was nothing to joke at.

He walked to the window and opened it. With as much strength as he could he threw the pills out and slammed the window back down. He ran a hand over his head. His hair was so short. It annoyed him. It was as if he had just shaved off all his hair and it was just scruff on the top of his head. He pulled on a red baseball to cover the embarrassing sight and walked out of the room.

Matt leaned against the wall as Tai sat across from him as they waited for TK. "<You didn't have to wait for me,>" TK snapped.

"<Well, we did.>" Matt replied.

"<Should we go check on the girls to see if they're still in their room?>" Tai asked. He needed to check on Kari. He worried about her, even if he didn't show it.

"<Might as well,>" Matt shrugged. They walked down the short hall; Tai was in the lead followed by Matt, then TK. They got to the door and knocked.

"I know, I know, I'm late!" A voice yelled in English. Only Matt understood. The door flew open and Tera stood there. She stopped upon seeing the three boys. "Oh, its only you. I thought it might be one of the others coming to yell at me." Tai looked to Matt and Matt waved it off. "<Oops sorry. You can't speak English. I forgot,>" she remembered. "<Kari and Sora are getting ready.>" She then walked past them and down the stairs.

TK followed Matt and Tai into the room. Kari was sitting on the bottom bunk of one of the two bunk beds. She had her knees pulled to her chest and her arms rested on top of them. Her head lay upon her arms and her face hidden inside them.

Tai felt his heart wrench as he watched her. He took a step forward and his weight caused the floor to creak under him. She jumped before looking up at the three.

"<Oh, hi,>" she said quietly as she stood up.

Sora appeared from the other side of the bunk. "<'Morning.>"

"<Good morning,>" Tai replied.

"<Good?>" Matt interjected sourly.

"<Are you two ready?>" Tai asked. "<Apparently breakfast started almost a half an hour ago.>"

Kari shrugged. Sora didn't say anything. Matt and Tai turned to walk out of the room. Sora followed them. Both TK and Kari paused. TK watched Kari's face, she was the reason he hadn't moved. She seemed lost, her brown eyes empty.

"<Kari, are you alright?>" He asked.

She seemed to snap awake by his voice. She looked at him. Her eyes had changed, but the new light inside them frightened him. The look of pure fury made him step back. "<Why do you care?>" She yelled. She stepped past him. "<Mind your own business, TK!>" TK followed her, heart broken down the stairs.

At the foot of the step stood their brothers and Sora. "<It took you two long enough,>" Matt complained.

"<Lay off, Matt!>" TK yelled back.

"<Quit it the both of you!>" Tai interrupted. "<I think I hear voices coming from in there.>" He pointed to a door and walked to it, with the others following him. He pushed open the door and saw a long, large table with five teens sitting at it. They were all talking quietly while munching on cereal or whatever they had in front of them.

The five DigiDestined went unnoticed until Taylor glanced up from her cereal. Taylor grabbed Tera's sleeve and pointed at the DigiDestined. Tera looked up from her conversation with Aaron.

"<Hi,>" she smiled. The other teens waved to them. The DigiDestined didn't respond. Tera stood up. "<Come on, I'll show you to the kitchen. Gennai's waiting in there.>" She pulled them through another door and into a large kitchen. Gennai stood at a stove with the sleeves of his long sleeved white button up shirt rolled up. He was making something. "<Gennai, I brought Tai and his friends in here like you asked.>"

He looked up and smiled. "<Thank you Tera.>" She nodded before walking out. Gennai turned to look at the five DigiDestined. "<Good morning children,>" he smiled.

"<Why is everyone here so damn cheerful?>" Matt griped.

Gennai chuckled. "<I asked Tera to bring because I want to inform you on what would be happening today. I want to explain to you why you are here.>"

"<Alright, start talking,>" Tai said.

"<Actually, the thing is I want the other children to be there. Problem is, you don't speak English, and they don't speak Japanese. I can fix that though.>"

"<You can what?>" Matt asked.

"<Do you remember how somehow you were able to talk to DigiDestined all around the world? With the exception of Russia. Damn cold screwing everything up!>" The DigiDestined nodded. "<You don't think they all just happened to speak Japanese did you? They weren't. But thanks to some extra work on my part I was able to fix it so you could understand whatever they said. I can do that again, but I need you to hold up your Digivices.>" They did. He cupped his hands and a white orb of light appeared in them. He let it go and it broke up into five pieces before vanishing into the Digivices. "All done. Can you understand me?"

"Unfortunately," Matt chided.

Gennai's smile disappeared. "I understand you don't like me and that you're irritated that I called you here, but I have my reasons." He picked up two bowls on the counter. "Here. Go eat, join the others." He handed them and then three more to the DigiDestined.

The DigiDestined did as they were told. They sat down, occupying one end of the table while the American kids stayed on the other. The DigiDestined sat in silence, eating quietly while the others laughed and talked. To them this was comfortable. To the DigiDestined it was stupid and nerve racking.

Once they were all done they all followed Gennai to the same room where they had met yesterday. Aaron, Tera, and Taylor sat down on a large couch. Elijah maneuvered his wheelchair into a back corner of the room where Natalie sat down beside him on the floor. The DigiDestined stayed together. There was a smaller couch against another wall. Tai, Matt and Sora sat down on it. Kari and TK took the floor. Gennai went to the center of the room.

"Well, let's get started." He opened his mouth to continue and the phone rang. "I'll get that. Excuse me for a moment." He walked out of the room and the ten teens sat in silence. Gennai came back into the room looking grim. "Uh, there's a problem at my work. I have to go in."

"But Gennai-" Aaron protested.

"I'm sure you can handle it. I leave all the explaining up to you and your friends," Gennai addressed Aaron. He rolled down his sleeves as he talked. "Thank you, Aaron." He walked to the door and picked up his black jacket from a hanger at the front door. He opened the door and walked out.

Aaron looked back at the others after watching Gennai leave. He glanced between Tera and Elijah. "O-kay, uh, well this isn't good," he said with a slight laugh. Tera raised an eyebrow at him. "Well, I guess we could start with introductions."

"We know who you are," Tai snapped.

Aaron rolled her eyes. "Do you want to know?" Tai hushed. "We, the five of us, are the American DigiDestined."

"The original ones. Before all the ones that you found last Christmas," Natalie added. "We were there around the same time you were."

"You?" Tai asked his voice almost dripping with doubt.

"Yeah, us," Elijah replied.

"If you were there when we were why didn't we see you?" Matt asked.

"The Digital World, and I will assume you know this already so I don't have to go into too much detail, anyway the Digital World is like Earth. And like how Japan and America are located on opposite sides of the world there are landmasses in the Digital World that at located on different sides. We were on the one you were on the other side. We fought different battles, met different digimon," Aaron explained.

"But that doesn't answer why we're here, although that is rather interesting," Sora spoke up.

"Right, that. You're here because your crests won't glow, am I right?" The Japanese DigiDestined nodded. "That's why you're here. Gennai brought you here in hopes of making your crests glow again. He wants to see if he can make them glow again."

"How?" Kari asked.

"We don't know, to be honest," Tera said. "We don't know how he does it, but it works."

"How do you know?" Tai asked.

"It worked on us," Elijah replied.

"Huh?" Tai grunted.

"The American DigiDestined are a little different then Japanese. We…uh…never saw an original digimon like you did," Aaron said.

"Then how did you become DigiDestined?" Matt asked. "And how do you know so much about the Japanese DigiDestined?"

"Through Gennai," Aaron replied. "The way we became DigiDestined was rather complicated. It depended on us. We all come from lives that weren't the best. And through those different lives we were able to show one characteristic that would have been killed if there were other children in our places. They chose us through pre-made crests and just stuck us with one."

"And you couldn't get yours to glow?" Tai asked.

"No," was all Aaron answered. He looked away in shame.

"What he means is that no our crests didn't glow. But we were still strong with whatever we represented. We just didn't know that. When we were DigiDestined...I mean when we were actually still fighting, we couldn't understand why we had our crests. There was nothing about our lives that represented them," Elijah continued for Aaron.

"They didn't shine until we came here. That was a year or two after our adventures. We lived in the Digital World over a time of two year that time. Our digimon never went ultimate. That's why you had to fight four Dark Masters. Originally, we were destined to take on MetalSeadramon and you take on Machinedramon. Puppetmon was for whoever got to him first. We were supposed to join forces for the battle of Piedmon, but we hadn't even gotten our crest to even flicker yet," Natalie said.

"Why didn't you just realize that you had it in you? I mean, the exact same thing happened to me and Sora," Matt asked.

"Gennai answered this question for us before. He showed us some of your adventures and the thing was, you had each other to fall back on. We didn't. We were so lost we couldn't tell our friends from our enemies. We were paranoid of each other. We had no trust, no passion, nothing. We didn't care," Natalie continued.

"So Gennai took us from the Digital World and let us loose to live the lives we had going before we left. That didn't work out. We lost touch with each other and fell farther then we ever could have," Tera said.

"What do you mean?" Sora asked.

"We got in trouble or we fell into depression," Aaron said. Tera looked away by the depression comment. "We were killing ourselves in one way or another."

"Gennai brought us here. And somehow we got our crests to glow. That's it," Aaron said. "Not that is mattered. We haven't fought a digimon since we were, or at least I was, 10. That was five years ago."

"So they glow now and Gennai somehow cured you. That's crap!" Matt barked. "I don't want to be here and I don't need no god forsaken cure!"

Taylor jumped at his yelling and she covered her hands with her ears with her hands. Tera looked up at her and wrapping her arms around her. "It's okay," she whispered. "You don't have to yell," she said to Matt.

"Well, apparently I do. No one heard me when I said I didn't want to come here! No one heard me when I question why we had to come here! No one heard me when I said I wasn't going to stay! I'm just making sure you hear me say I'm leaving!" He walked out of the room and up the stairs.

"Tai, go talk so sense into him," Sora pleaded.

"I will," he replied. "Is there anything else we need to know about being here?"

"There are a few rules. The thing is this is your last chance. You mess up here and your out. But that for major things. Minor rules: don't stay out past curfew. If we're in school, no ditching. No fighting. That will lead to crap punishments like being grounded or no TV," Aaron said this with a laugh. "Major rules: you break them Gennai sends you back. No more help you fall and it doesn't matter. He will take away your digivice, crest, and your digimon will be…deleted. The rules are no booze, no running away, no suicide, and no drugs." Kari looked up at the drug comment.

"And that's it? We just have to get our crests to glow and we can leave?" Aaron nodded. "Good. I'm going to go have a chat with Matt. He needs to know that if he leaves Gabumon's as good as gone." With that said to his fellow DigiDestined he followed Matt upstairs.

Aaron looked at the remaining three DigiDestined. "Making your crest glow again isn't as easy as it sounds. You have to realize what made it stop glowing. The problem isn't always that obvious."

TK, Kari, and Sora nodded.

Tai went to the room where Matt and he shared a room with TK and Aaron. He walked in just in time to see Matt pick up his jungle green duffle bag. "Matt."

Matt ignored him and moved to the door. Tai stuck his arm out to stop him. "Get out of my way, Tai!" He barked.

"Matt, listen to me." Matt stopped and waited he didn't look at Tai; he just stared at the door. "If you walk out that door you are no longer a DigiDestined. That means you are no longer a part of this group. You cannot fight and you won't have us to fall back on."

"Is that your order?" Matt asked. Matt may not like Tai, but the ex-leader still had a little authority.

"Gennai's." Matt pushed Tai's arm out of the way and made his way to the door. "If you walk out, Gabumon's dead."

Matt allowed the duffle bag to fall from his shoulder before he turned and lunged at Tai. He threw him to the floor and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. He shook the brown haired boy violently. "What are you talking about?"

"Get off of me, you bastard!" Tai screamed. He ripped Matt's hands from his shirt and forced himself up. He straightened his shirt before he explained. "If you walk out that door, Gennai will delete Gabumon because he will not have a partner. Now unless you want him to die I suggest you sit you ass down for a little bit!"

Matt didn't say anything. Instead he grabbed the duffle bag he had dropped and in one swift kick sent it flying to its original place. "Looks like I'm not going anywhere."

Well, there's chapter 2. I hoped you liked it. The next part will be out soon, I think. Thank you, come again.

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