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A/N: This is a waning to you all. This series will be dark and kind of OOC (out of character). And for all of you who guessed had the dark crest and who didn't you were all wrong. I felt kind of wrong for starting this series after watching the last episode today. Everyone was so happy. This is far from happy. Eventaully there will be happy and romance.

By the way this part may get confusing. Here's a mini guide to help you.

"<...>" Japanese

"..." English

Eventually I will have everybody speaking one language.


Tai stood inside the crowded airport searching for a familiar face. Kari stood behind him with TK at her side. Sora stood on one side of Tai while Matt stood on the other.

"<Why are we here?>" Matt asked. He was aggravated beyond belief at the fact no one would answer his question. But it wasn't just his question. It was all of theirs. "<Why did we have to go to America? Why does Gennai want us here?>"

"<I don't know,>" Tai replied as his eyes continued to search the crowd. "<We were just sent here.>"

"<But why us?>" Sora continued for him. "<Why aren't Joe, Mimi, and Izzy here?>"

"<I don't know,>" Tai repeated. "<There he is.>"

"<How do we know it isn't Benjamin or Jackie? How do we know this is the real Gennai?>" TK asked suspiciously.

"<We don't,>" Tai replied.

Young Gennai approached them dressed in a black business suit. "<Hello, Tai, children.>" They nodded in response. He turned to leave again. "<Let's go.>"

Tai took a step forward, but motioned for the others not to move yet. "<Go where? Why are we here in the states? What did you tell to our families to make them send us here?>"

He faced them again. "<You'll find out soon. The other children will explain it to you. Let's go.>" He turned away and they went to where they picked up their luggage. They grabbed their suitcases and duffle bags and followed him out of the airport.

He led them to a van that sat in the parking lot. They piled in, Tai in the front with Gennai, Sora and Matt in the middle seats, and TK and Kari in the back. The car lurched forward and the car sped out of the lot. They stared out the window at the strange city. This was the first time they had been to America, with the exception of TK and Kari. And Matt, who had done a few concerts there.

The lights of the city began to get more spaced out and the high rising buildings became smaller with the passing minutes of silence. They pulled onto a dark road. Houses with lit up windows stood in a line. The houses were huge and each DigiDestined stared in awe. The homes in Japan were mostly apartments, cramped and small, without a backyard or front yard.

The van pulled to a stop and they looked out the window and saw a dark two-story house. The only light came from three out of four windows that decorated the front. "<This is it?>" Sora asked.

"<Yes.>" Gennai got out and the DigiDestined hesitated to follow.

"<He's very talkative, isn't he?>" TK said sarcastically. The DigiDestined filed out of the van and followed Gennai to where he stood on the dark porch of the huge house. He opened the door and allowed them to step inside.

The place was warm inside. There was the sound of music coming from somewhere up the stairs that were located down the hall directing across from the front door. From a side room there came the low voice of a television.

Kari bit her lip and choked on withheld tears that threatened to fall. Back when she still lived at home the apartment was like this; full of light sound and warmth. But that was before a lot of things.

Tai could see his sister struggling to control her emotions, but didn't move to comfort her. They didn't talk much anymore, let alone comfort each other. It was awkward now that they both had receded into shells that displayed no emotion except for fake happiness.

"<This is it children,>" Gennai said as he spread his arms. "<This is where you'll be staying until you're better.>" He said the last part under his breath and only Tai, Sora and Matt heard. "<Follow me.>" He walked toward a dark wooden door and opened it allowing the DigiDestined in before he followed shutting the door behind him. "<Well, I want you to stay in here for a minute. I have to talk to the others.>"

"<What others?>" Tai asked, annoyed and paranoid at the same time.

"<The other children who live here. They actually didn't know you were coming. They'll want to meet you,>" Gennai replied. He walked out of the room, shutting the beautifully carved wooden door behind him.

"<I don't like this,>" Sora said as she set down her suitcase.

"<None of us do,>" Matt replied. He set down his green duffle bag he had hanging from his shoulder.

"<I get this weird feeling that we're not here for a DigiDestined workshop.>" TK attempted at the joke, but no one laughed. They all kind of stared into space thinking about what they left behind. A few of them enjoyed it; the others ached for their homes incredibly.

"<What city are we in again?>" Kari asked.

"<Tucson,>" Tai replied. "<Arizona.>"

The door opened and Gennai stood in the doorway. "<Come on out children. The others are waiting to meet you.>" They picked up their bags and followed him out of the room and into another room where they had heard the sounds of a television. The sound was gone, as was the music, and it was eerily quiet.

Five people stood in the middle of the room looking at them. Well, technically only four stood. One sat in a wheel chair. Three girls and two boys, one of which sitting in a wheel chair watched them walk into the room. They looked like they ranged in age from twelve to sixteen. Kari felt their eyes size each DigiDestined up, judging them, hating them at first sight. No one spoke, not even Gennai.

Finally Tai broke the silence. "<Hello, my name is Taichi Yagami. This is my sister Hikari, that's Yamato, his brother Takeru, and that's Sora. We're from Odiaba, Japan.>"

The other kids stared at them with blank faces. That was until a medium sized, brown haired girl allowed a small smile to appear on her face. Within seconds she was laughing while her friends stared at her and the DigiDesitned were taken aback.

"<What are you laughing at?>" Matt raged. Tai grabbed hold of his wrist while the other children, minus the laughing girl looked scared.

Finally the girl calmed down enough to talk. "<You're speaking Japanese,>" the girl replied. Her accent was crude, but every word was pronounced clearly and naturally.

"<Yeah, so?>" Tai asked.

"<No one here except me and Mr. Gennai can speak Japanese,>" the girl continued.

"<What?>" All the DigiDestined exclaimed in unison.

A boy with black hair that stood beside the girl tapped her on the shoulder. He whispered something to her.

"What is he saying? What language is that?" The boy asked.

"Its Japanese. He says his name is Taichi. That's his sister Hikari. That's Yamato and his brother Takeru. And she's Sora. They're from Odiaba, Japan," The girl replied pointing to each DigiDestined as she spoke.

"So you speak English?" Matt asked.

"Oh, you speak it too," the girl said, smiling. She resorted back to Japanese, "<My name is Tera. And these are my friends, Taylor.>" She pointed to a shorter girl with light brown hair and freckles. "<That's Natalie.>" She pointed to a taller girl with black hair. "<This is Aaron.>" She pointed to the boy who had asked her the questions about what they were saying. "<And that's Elijah.>" She pointed to the boy in the wheel chair.

"<Nice to meet you,>" Sora said. The girl, Tera, translated it to the others.

Gennai, who had stood back and allowed the children to overcome the problem of speech, walked in between the two groups. "Maybe you could show them to their rooms," he suggested.

"<Gennai, you baka! Why the hell didn't you tell us they couldn't speak Japanese?>" Tai screamed. Tera laughed at Gennai being called an idiot. Gennai shot her a look and she obediently quieted.

"<I wanted to see how you could handle it. You're lucky at least one of you can speak English and at least one of them could speak Japanese.>" He looked back at the other children. "Take 'em upstairs."

Aaron nodded. He was the first to step forward. "Tell 'em to follow us, Tera," he said.

"I'll tell them," Matt replied. "<They're going to show us our rooms.>"

They nodded and Aaron stepped past them followed by the DigiDestined. Tera and Taylor brought up the rear while Elijah and Natalie stayed where they were standing. They went up the stairs and stopped at the top.

"Tera," Aaron called. She jogged up to meet up with him. "Which one of you speaks English?"

"I do," Matt said.

"Good, then we have one translator in each room. Unfortunately we have to share rooms," Aaron said annoyed. "You and the other two boys will be with me. The two girls will share with Tera and Taylor."

"Sharing? Four to a room?" Matt asked.

"Yep," Aaron replied. "Hey, you're not the only one who doesn't like it. We didn't even know you were coming."

"Fine." Matt turned back to Tai, Sora, TK, and Kari who looked confused and wary. "<Sora, Kari, you go with Tera and Taylor.>" He pointed to the two girls. Taylor didn't make eye contact with any of them. Tera gave a small wave. "<Tai, TK, and me are in with Aaron.>" They all nodded.

"<Come on,>" Tera said. She pushed Taylor to start moving and the two groups separated. The boys went down the left hall and the girls went down the right. Tera stopped at a door and pushed it open. Taylor went in first, then Sora and Kari. Tera closed the door behind them.

The room was huge. Big enough to hold two bunk beds. Posters and pictures decorated the off white colored walls. There were three dressers and one desk spread through out the room and on one side a closet door. There was a small window directly across from them.

"<This is it?>" Sora asked.

"<Yeah, sorry it isn't much, but what did you expect? The Hilton?>" Tera asked as she climbed up to the top bunk of one of the bunk beds.

"<We didn't expect anything. We didn't know what to expect,>" Kari replied.

Taylor looked blankly up at Tera. "They say they didn't know what to expect when they came here." Taylor nodded. "<You hungry?>"

Kari looked around the room. "<No, we ate on the plane.>"

Taylor stood on the bottom bunk to whisper something to Tera. Tera nodded before looking back at Sora and Kari, who continued to stand by the door. "<Taylor says you don't have to stand by the door. You look like you're about to make a run for it. I wouldn't bother trying. You wouldn't make it very far. Mr. Gennai would catch you. That's your bunk.>"

Kari and Sora walked over to the bunk. "<Do you mind top? I'd actually like to stay close to the ground,>" Kari asked.

"<No problem,>" Sora replied.

"<You can unpack.>" Sora looked back at Tera. She and Taylor were playing cards as if tonight was like any other night. "<That's your dresser.>" They looked where Tera was pointing and saw a beautiful wood dresser.

"<Why bother? Gennai can't keep us here for long. School starts in a week,>" Sora replied.

"<You don't know what you're doing here, do you?>" Tera replied.

Kari and Sora shook their heads. "<No idea. Why? Do you?>"

"<Yeah, I->" She stopped when Taylor pulled on her sleeve. The smaller girl whispered something to her. "Alright," Tera nodded. With that, Taylor got down off the top bunk, grabbed a pile of clothes from her bed and walked out of the room.

"<Well, she's quite a talker, isn't she?" Kari said sarcastically.

Tera glared at her. It was the first time the smile had fallen from Tera's face since they had met, but now she looked pissed off. "<She has trouble talking. She barely speaks as it is. Don't say anything mean about her or you will be sorry. That's my only warning to you.>" With that said she went back to playing cards by herself, leaving Kari silent.

Tai stared up at the dark ceiling. Underneath him, Aaron's light breathing was the only sound that filled the air. He knew that on the other side of the dark room Matt was awake, staring at the bottom of the bunk TK was in. "<What do you think Matt?>" He asked.

"<What does it matter?>" Matt replied, bitterly.

"<I guess you're right,>" Tai replied, sadly. He wanted to talk, to avoid sleep. In his sleep he relived his nightmares over and over again. His shame.

Sleep pulled at him; darkness beckoned him. It mocked him, threatened him. 'I will be there,' it whispered inside his head. 'I am your shame. Everything you wish you weren't; everything you don't want to remember.'

He closed his eyes. Like Matt said. What does it matter? He knew what happened. The monsters weren't just in the night, they were everywhere.

Well, there's chapter one. I hope it was okay. I can give you the basic plot now that you know who are the main charaters. Tai, Sora, Matt, TK, and Kari are "broken". Their crests won't light up. Through different cercumstances they have lost what their crest repersented. So Gennai takes them to America where he wants to help them. Thank you.

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